Corona-update @ Regina Coeli

The new rules upon reaching the 80% vaccination rate were expected to come into effect from 25 October. That is just after the weekend of 23/24 October. But if, with the 80% vaccination rate being reached sooner than expected, the new rules also come into effect sooner than expected, then, the church of Regina Coeli will definitely open for the weekend of 23/24 October, if not sooner.

Churches being able to welcome everyone, regardless of their vaccination status, comes into effect at 80%, not at the 70% vaccination rate. So the Archbishop has made the decision (which I fully support) that our churches will officially reopen at 80% for everyone rather than at 70% only for the vaccinated.

Please know that I (Fr Peter), as a religious minister, is permitted to make pastoral visits e.g. for confession and/or communion. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding these or other needs.

In the meantime, there is, inside the parish bulletin, a simple liturgy you might like to use at home on Sunday (no liturgy of the word this week):

Furthermore, I hope to have a homily uploaded by Sunday morning:

Regarding the Plenary Council:

Official Website:

To watch the livestreamed Mass at 10:30am

I hope and pray that you eat well, exercise well, rest well and look after your spiritual life well. Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding any pastoral need. God bless you. – Fr Peter Kwak ( / 02 9554 8155) –

We are open, practising reasonable social distancing and, to the best of our knowledge, safe!

No confirmed case of the coronavirus has been linked to Regina Coeli thus far. It is sincerely hoped that Regina Coeli will come to be known as a cluster someday – a cluster of grace! Under the latest rules set by the NSW Government, in particular the 4 square metre per person rule, we are allowed to have up to 130 people at Mass. There is no need for booking. Our prayers are offered for those who are suffering the most on account of the current crisis. We hope that reasonable social distancing measures will prove to be sufficient this time for “flattening the curve” so as to allow our healthcare system to be available to all who might be in critical need of medical care.

What does re-opening mean for Regina Coeli?

  • Catholics in Sydney are no longer dispensed from their Sunday Mass obligation.
  • Please contact Fr Peter if you wish to receive Holy Communion at home.
  • All parish masses and reconciliations are as advertised in the parish bulletin/website.
  • Please sign in at the door.
  • Please wear a mask.
  • Please uphold reasonable social distancing inside the church. Explore new, unoccupied seats! Please sanitise your hands and minimise physical contact.

This weekend we celebrate the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time. The 10am Mass will be live-streamed on Sunday. Please click on the link below or google ‘Regina Coeli Catholic Church Facebook’:

Click here for Regina Coeli Catholic Church Facebook

You do not need a Facebook account in order to view online videos. Facebook will pressure you to set up an account but you can politely decline and click on ‘Not Now.’

Here is the parish bulletin for this weekend:

Peace be with you all!

Fr Peter Kwak, Parish Priest ( / 02 9554 8155)


Welcome to the website of Regina Coeli Catholic Parish, Beverly Hills. We are a Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Sydney, with a beautiful church which has been an iconic landmark at the top of Beverly Hills for nearly 60 years. Legendary parishioners have been formed at Regina Coeli during those years! But we are also in need of starting afresh and becoming evermore open to what God has in mind regarding the next chapter in our history. We would like all people of goodwill to join us in responding to the call to a spiritual adventure! We have a saying here: ‘If you are at Regina Coeli, it is because Our Lady has brought you here!’

Our parish website is definitely a work in progress but still has some practical information. Please feel free to explore and provide feedback. Please feel free also to tell us ways in which the parish can be of assistance to you and your family. Our Lady Queen of Heaven, pray for us!

Redevelopment of Regina Coeli

Regina Coeli Parish will be undergoing some redevelopment caused by the increased growth of the parish and school.

Regina Coeli Parish – Child Protection Policy 

The Archdiocese of Sydney has produced a Child Protect Policy which includes when to report abuse. Click Here To Read

Policy on the care, well-being and protection of children and young persons Click Here To Read